The Malta Film Industry

The Malta Film Industry

The first film shot in Malta dates back to 1925 and since then this industry has grown into an important economic niche. Nowadays, local or foreign productions are not limited to the silver screen but also include feature films, television series, animation productions, documentaries, advertising campaigns, transmedia and crossmedia productions. Statistics for 2014 indicate that direct expenditure amounted to approximately €30 million.


What brings such investment to Malta? Audio visual producers have chosen Malta as their preferred destination for an array of different reasons. Our diverse Mediterranean settings, pro-business attitude, craftsmanship for film set construction, long hours of natural sunlight, well connected flights, water based filming and competitive fiscal incentives are some of the potential advantageous at play.


Fiscal Incentives


Cash Rebate*


Tax Credits*


Co-Production Fund*


Value Added Tax*

Malta applies a blanket VAT rate of 18 percent on all goods and services however a number of exceptions apply. Foreign undertakings shooting in Malta can apply for VAT rebates in the following cases:






Malta Tourism Authority Incentives*


This government agency offers certain fiscal incentives to film producers that choose to depict Malta as Malta.


* These incentives are subject to specific terms and conditions issued by different competent authorities in Malta.



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